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Techtaboo is a short videos & podcast channel full of interviews with tech leaders that reveal the dark aspects of their job by uncovering taboo topics hidden in the corner.

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Webexpo 2021

o guests | Šárka Štrossová, Tereza Vaňková, MARTIN MICHÁLEK, Karel Dytrych, Pavel Cvetler, Vlastimil Koudela, Lukáš putna, Karel Souček

Devel 2019

o guests | Riki Fridrich, Martina Plocová, Pepa Rybička

WebExpo 2019

o guests | Christopher Nosko, Libor Vaněk, Petr Burian, Pavel Cvetler

Linux Days 2019

o Greetings from the conference





Published Podcasts 

Season 1, Episode 4

o Martin Hochel | Tech War, what is it good for?

Martin Hochel presents his opinion on the JavaScript framework wars and lays out the good and the bad of open source. Martin also imparts his experience as both a speaker and attendee at international tech events, the outcomes of a forced 50-50 (male-female) speaker ratio and dealing with self-proclaimed know-it-alls at events and in the office.

Season 1, Episode 3

o Petr Burian | The People vs. "Larry Tech"

Petr Burian explains his point of view on the balance between good tech and good developers and common instances when CTOs and senior managers overstep their boundaries. Petr then goes on to describe how to keep employees during a time when IT companies are fighting for workfare as well as using old tech in modern times and dealing with legacy code.

Season 1, Episode 2

o Vratislav Kalenda | The Unknown and the Unspoken

Vráťa Kalenda exposes the truth about companies selling junior developers as seniors and explains how to identify and cope with burnout before it’s too late. Vráťa further discusses gender issues and equality in IT, whether or not project managers are necessary in all cases and the impact of AI in the future world of tech.

Season 1, Episode 1

o Karol Danko | Overseas and Behind the Scenes

Karol Danko provides his thoughts on Czech vs. US developers, gives personal insight into interviewing and firing people and explains the issues with companies cheaping out on development. Karol also shares his biggest fuck-up and the lessons he’s learned as a result and in addition he mentions what tech leaders don’t want the public to know.

Meet the Speakers

Karol Danko

Karol Danko

CTO at Oak's Lab

Karol Danko is the CTO of the LA/Prague based digital agency Oaks Lab, which specializes in idea-to-MVP development. In the past, he was a key member on the Livesport team, developing long-running, high-performance applications, then switching to a fast-paced startup world, building and advising early-stage startups.

Martin Hochel

Martin Hochel

ngParty Co-founder

Martin has a strong passion for JavaScript, TypeScript and clean code. He loves contributing to open source, enjoys writing technical articles on „medium.com“ and also runs the biggest JavaScript meetup in Prague/CZ, ngParty. His specialty is mentoring/advising big teams when building JavaScript/TypeScript/React apps on a large scale.

Vráťa Kalenda

Vráťa Kalenda

CEO at Applifting

Vráťa co-founded Applifting in 2014. Since then, it has been a rocket ride full of excitement. He evolved from a senior developer to a solution architect and started to advocate good developer experience as a means of improving product teams well-being and productivity. He tries to build Applifting as a so-called teal organization, where everyone feels a strong sense of purpose and meaning in their work-life.

Petr Burian

Petr Burian

CTO at Livesport

Petr joined Livesport shortly after the Czech tech company was founded. As the Head of Development (and recently CTO), he has been helping develop and improve the company’s web and mobile projects including their flagship, the FlashScore network. With about 85 million visitors every month and more than 60 million mobile app downloads, Livesport is the world’s number one live score provider.

Marek Velas

Marek Velas

Edupunk Co-founder

Marek is a personal coach, lecturer and methodology instructor. He has many years of managerial experience in human resources and career counseling. As a trainer, he has been focusing on courses on soft skills, business skills and human resources, which not only offers clients his expertise in adult education, but also his practical experience.

Mike Fabbri

Mike Fabbri

International Entrepreneur

Mike is tech enthusiast with a strong background in cartography, linguistics and education. Originally from Canada, Mike has spent the past 20 years spreading his expertise and know-how within every continent except Australia. This experience has led him to be a jack of all trades in  the corporate and academic world, namely as a professional translator, a trained voice-over
actor and an accomplished seminar presenter, just to mention a few.

Petr Schwank

Petr Schwank

Co-founder EP agency

Petr has a long history of producing content. He worked as a radio host, content manager and producer of various online shows in the Czech Republic. Afterwards, he started his own company, EP. His mantra is “content is always king“, so nowadays, he’s helping hundreds of small businesses with producing quality content. Petr loves podcasting and even has his own podcast show for Czech entrepreneurs called “Buduj značku”. See you on the other side of your headphones.

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